Open, exuberant and funny, Francis Firebrace is an aboriginal storyteller who touches the lives of everyone he meets. He has spent the last 25 years of his life travelling the world spreading his own very special brand of aboriginal consciousness, trying to affect peoples lives on both an individual basis and on a societal level, too.

He teaches the importance of respect and self esteem to the most difficult audiences – from teenagers, to prisoners to the leaders of multi-national companies. Francis and his Dreamtime stories have much to teach us about the world we live in, who we are and where we came from.

In a topsy-turvy time where answers are scarce – the world needs to hear what Firebrace has to say. This is our chance to help him say it.

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Help us wake up the world

Compassion is becoming ever less common and disconnection from each other ever more universal. We’re a small group of determined individuals who believe that Francis Firebrace’s message of fraternity and togetherness is invaluable in helping turn the tide.

We want to create a documentary to help others hear what Francis has to say, and to raise awareness of cultural understanding and the important of storytelling. To achieve our goal, we need to raise funds, and that’s where we need your help.

In return for your contribution, you’ll have turned the volume up on a simple but important message that has the potential to change frowns to smiles, and shrugs to hugs all over the world. You’ll also be responsible for protecting that message for generations to come. Take a second out for a moment to imagine that.

And you’ll get a perk!  They’re all listed on the support page of our website, where you can make a donation. As clichéd as it sounds, it all helps.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you don’t have a $ to spare – that’s OK! There are tons of other ways you can help us reach our goal.  Please tell anyone and everyone who might be interested in this project by forwarding this page in your email, sharing on Facebook and posting to Twitter!